Training for Snowdon – cresting Butser Hill twice

As part of my work towards being fitter, I go on little hikes with a small group of friends. We are working towards our current goal of climbing Mount Snowdon in the first weekend of May. For our training today, we tackled Butser Hill, the highest peak in the area. But, we tackled it twice. Butser Hill is 271 metres (898 feet) high, whereas Snowdon is 1085 metres (3560 feet) high. So Snowdon is a hair over 4 times higher than Butser. Our starting point for Butser is 113 metres above sea level, and for Snowdon it will be around 165 metres. So for a similar gain in altitude, we need to be going up Butser 5.8 times. We can’t do that, so it’ll have to be 6. No doubt, there will be plenty more Snowdon training at Butser Hill.

I’m not going to lie, going up the first time was hard work. It starts off fairly gently, but as you get about half way up, it gets a fair bit steeper. It had been raining recently, and the ground was quite bad in places. But, I have to hand it to my new boots, they didn’t slip once. I did find it tough going, and was getting quite breathy in places, but we made it. We did stop a couple of times, but one of our group has only just got over an illness. To be honest, I was pretty glad we stopped those times too. At the very top of the image above, there is a gate, after which the incline becomes more gentle again up to the Trig stone.

The walk down was pretty straight forward. For the both descents, we followed the same path for two thirds of the way. The first descent, we deviated left for a slightly steeper, but more direct route to the next assent.

The second assent went much easier. We didn’t stop until the Trig stone, except to take a photo at the gate. I was still a bit breathy but found it much easier going. In fact, I could have gone up again. Next time… The final descent went as well the first, just with less sheep dodging. We did the whole thing in about 2 hours. But, I was an idiot and forgot to stop my activity tracker. So there’s a good 15 minutes extra on the end, and the start of the drive home that shouldn’t be there. Overall a damn good day and our Mount Snowdon training at Butser Hill is going well. The next little hike is Thursday, followed by another hill next Sunday. Here’s the fitness data.

Fitness data from today’s double crest of Butser Hill.

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